Rico the brave sock monkey

English translation of Rico is niet bang.


Rico is a very brave sock monkey. He’s not scared easily. Rico isn’t afraid of the factories, loud noises, darkness, haunted houses or being wrapped in tissue paper. When the sock monkey finds a best friend, he thinks their friendship is for life. But his friend grows up… When Rico is put into a dark closet he is a bit scared, for the first time in his life. He’s afraid of being alone. Rico has to wait for a long, long time, but then again he feels himself being squeezed very tightly. Rico knows he’s found a new best friend.


kirkusreviews wrote about this book:
Yes, Little Golden Books are still published. New ones, not just reprints. (Thank you, Random House.) Surprise #2 this fall is the quiet little book from a Dutch author-illustrator duo, Fiona Rempt’s ‘Rico the Brave Sock Monkey’, illustrated by Noëlle Smit and also released last month. Both women are from Amsterdam and tell the story of a beloved, though once rejected, toy; it’s a book you can shelve right next to your copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. Smit’s fluid lines and animated characters reflect a boundless energy that makes this one…well, golden.

Published in august 2013 in the USA as a Little Golden Book
Publisher: Random House USA
$ 3,99
Order at www.amazon.com